Most high net worth individuals find that managing their wealth is time-consuming and intense. Sterling Wealth Management is a Class I Multi-Family Office that provides clients with a holistic approach to wealth management.

We use our client's existing advisors to oversee all aspects of their estate–investments, households, wealth management, asset management, trust & corporate services, wealth planning, family governance, and tax planning.

Working directly with our clients and their trusted advisors allows us to do what we do best–simplify wealth.


80% of today's high net worth individuals have made their fortunes without receiving an inheritance. 

Athletes, actors, real estate moguls, and investors who are skilled in their craft find it easy to accumulate wealth, but find it difficult to manage and grow–that's where we come in.

We step in to manage the daily minutia of wealth, coordinate services with our client's trusted advisors, and give our clients what they need the most–time and freedom.

Once they have been freed from managing their wealth, our clients have spent their extra time taking vacations they have been putting off for years, rekindling old hobbies, and spending time with their families.

However you would spend your time, we are here to help make it happen.